The sacred path to the Angelic Sanctuary is just moments away.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and find yourself accompanied on your path by an angelic being.

Some are escorted by an angel, some an etheric being, others share stories of a mystical horse, an experience like no other moment in time.

As you come closer to the sanctuary you feel the peacefulness and the harmony now residing in your heart. Your sense of self awareness and well-being moves gently into your consciousness. Your thinking becomes clear and focused, you feel the lightness in your thoughts.

You have entered a place for you to ask your questions and find your answers, to sensibly chart your course and negotiate life’s obstacles. Assistance for you to become centered and be a center of light.

Angel Readings and Crystal Therapy

Angelic Guidance are sensible private sessions available to you.

Angelic Healing Sessions are customized to your individual energy needs and well-being.

Angelic Blessings are gifts of love you send for Divine Grace.

Angelic Energies are angelic energies to assist you on your path.

Gatherings of Learning are classes, workshops and group gatherings to develop your angelic light.


Preserving Life with Love
It is important that this sacred community continually builds a circle of light and love. In order to support a circle of light and love, it needs to be complete in sharing as others have shared. All proceeds from the readings, healing light work, gatherings and angelic energies are directly donated to the All Gods Creatures horse rescue fund.


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Angelic Sanctuary