Angelic Guidance Sessions
Angelic Psychic Readings to Lighten Your Way

The purpose of an Angelic Reading is to bring you peace and clarity at this moment in time. It may be for spiritual guidance, insight into a decision you need to make, or how to follow your hearts desire and dreams.

During an Angelic Reading your Angels and Guides energetically send information to me in the form of visions, impressions and empathic feelings. The visions range from symbolic to actual events; past, present and future possibilities. Impressions are like passages and they are based on the subject or topic of conversation. Empathic information usually relates to health, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

The information that comes through is never predetermine. I do insure it is from a safe and loving being. Often times I receive information ahead of our session together. While we are in session it is unlimited, exciting and based upon your questions. During readings Angels and Guides are easily accessible. Your ancestors, childhood pets, loved ones, often make themselves available. Even visions from a past or future life; people you have known in the past; and people you may meet in the future; spirit animal guides, and masters of many spiritual traditions. It can be as esoteric as an ascended being from Atlantis to as practical as a great chef sharing insight on your cooking.

Session Descriptions

Be prepared for your session and make the most of your time.

  • Write down your questions in advance
  • Take time to contemplate your passions in life, as well as your concerns
  • Clear distractions around you for phone sessions
  • Take notes; have a pen(s) and a note pad ready

This is the beginning of you charting your own course in life.









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