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Posted by on May 10, 2010 in Sanctuary Gatherings |




The monthly Destiny Mapping group normally discusses, the course of ones life, creating your own destiny, and the way of the journey. At our last gathering, a simple question changed the focus for the entire evening. One of the participants asked “Are you a dreamwalker?” This article is a result of that evenings dialog; about what is dreamwalking.

Tibetans, Druids and Native American (First People) are cultures that nurture the skills of the dreamwalker. In more modern settings we might recognize dreamwalkers as psychic, channels and mediums. Silvia Brown, James Van Praagh and Edger Cayce are famous examples of this skill.

A dreamwalker can alter their state of consciousness in such a way that their energy body can experience realms beyond this physical reality. The veil of everyday linear time, the restrictions of distance and limits of the natural world are lifted. In these realms, communication and information exchanges can happen with guides, angels, animals and other beings. Dreamwalking can also aid in healing, creativity, thoughts, ideas, understanding, knowledge and awareness.

The experience resembles dreaming in a visual sense with a heightened awareness of your being, your connectedness and your knowing. At the same time, strangely separated from your judgments or notions. Image the difference between walking in the park and swimming in a large lake. Compare in your mind, walking to swimming. How is your awareness changed? How does your body feel? What are your limits? What are your freedoms?

Meditation, lucid dreaming, deep prayer, drumming, focused attention are avenues for intentionally preparation to entering, this shift in consciousness. Practiced Dreamwalkers just shift between realms without effort. People sometimes unexpectedly slip into this altered state, having inspired thought leading to great works of art, literature, music and many inventions. My favorite example of this is Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. She shares the story on her website, of the dream that inspired the Twilight saga.

Quiet your mind and let yourself drift into the dream-time. The realms are vast, a kind of library filled with an endless number of books. Free your energy body and become the dream.

Tracy Doe Heart