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Posted by on Sep 27, 2009 in Affirmations |

Angelic Messages  “Affirmative Prayer”

Angelic Messages “Affirmative Prayer”

Angelic Prayers For All

Angelic Prayers For All

A spiritual mind treatment (affirmative prayer) is a statement upon which the Law of Mind acts.It embodies the concrete idea of our desires and is accompanied by an unqualified faith that the Law works for us as we work with It.

Ernest Holmes

Keys to Wisdom


I have unqualified faith that the Law of Mind works at all times.It works through me and for me as I express my heartfelt affirmations that embody my beliefs.I choose to allow Infinite Spirit to give Its joyous blessings to me.I am aware of Its Divine Presence throughout my daily activities and quiet moments everyday.I gratefully accept the abundant good that is always available to me.My cup runneth over with Light, Love, Wisdom, Joy, Faith, Courage, Abundance, Harmony and Truth.Thank you Infinite Spirit for your bountiful gifts.

Angelic Sanctuary